About Us

What we do here at Reviewta is pretty simple: We strive to make the most informative reviews that you will find on various products.

Like many of you, we were sick and tired of having to deal with spammy review sites that were more concerned about overwhelming you with affiliate links than they were in truly helping you find the best products.  We wanted to create a site that really captured all of the various brands and models of a type of product and presented easy-to-follow side by side reviews.  This allows you to get the “big picture” of what all brands are available as well as a quick and fluid way of determining which will meet your needs.

We put a lot of heart and effort into every one of our reviews.  We perform extensive research and testing, consult various experts, and present our finding in an honest and unbiased way.  Our reviews are long but we are confident that you will find the information that you need.

We want to change the way that people view review sites and we are glad you are here to help us on this journey.

Why You Should Trust Us

We are honored that you have made it to our site.  And we understand why you may be hesitant to trust the advice of some random person on the internet.  So why trust us?

All the products that we test we buy with our own money.  And any time a manufacturer does send us a test sample, we are sure to document it.  Furthermore, we don’t accept any sort of “bribe” from a company to rank their product better.  All of our reviews are unbiased and stick to the facts.  And in the case that we can’t physically get our hands on a product, we then scour the internet for unbiased reviews of the product in addition to more of our own internal testing.  We strive to get to the bottom of the pros and cons of a product so that you don’t have to.

How We Test

Our method of testing will vary some depending on the specific item we are reviewing, but they all follow the same basic principles.  First, we test out the performance of the item.  In the case of a tiller, this might be how wide the cutting blade is and how many horsepower the engine is.  In the case of an attic antenna, this could be the signal strength.

Next, we list out its various features.  Again, this will vary wildly depending on the specific type of product.  But once you look at a few examples of a product, you start to get an idea of what features you should be looking for.

Next, we look at the build quality.  Is this product designed to last?  What types of materials is it made out of?  How is the build quality?  What is the warranty like?  These are just a few of the many questions we try to answer.

After this, we dig into the cost.  We compare the asking price to the cost of other similar models in the industry to gauge whether or not it is a good value.

Lastly, we combine all of this and come up with an “Overall Rating” out of 5 stars.  This gives you the “big picture” about whether that particular product is a good buy or if you should pass.

Once we have a ranking, we will then scour the manufacturer’s website or other sources for general information about the product.  We will list out what sizes and models are available and any other pertinent information.

Our goal throughout all of this is to make it easier for you to find the right product for you in a shorter period of time.

The Team


An engineer by trade, Brandon decided to start Reviewta after a frustrating experience searching for a new air conditioner.  There were so many brands, so many models, and so many reviews to sort through.  He just wanted to know what the best product was for him.  Simple as that!

This is what inspired him to make the site himself.  He takes care of daily website tasks and also helps come up with article ideas.


Sarah helps to reach out to experts and vendors in order to get a hands-on experience with as many products as possible.  While we aren’t able to physically test every single product that we review, we still reach out to people who have first-hand experience with them.  This allows us to produce product reviews that go deeper than simply copying and pasting product specs.  We can give you the information you need to know in order to buy the right product for you.

Sarah also helps in testing products and does a bit of the writing as well.


Steve is the primary writer.  And seeing how our reviews can by 15,000 words or more, there is a lot of writing!  He has a background in English from his time at university which certainly helps in his role.